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Please Note: Currently, we can only deliver to mainland UK. We cannot deliver to Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
Please Note: Currently, we can only deliver to mainland UK. We cannot deliver to Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Compostable Pouches

  • Round bottom gusset enables them to stand freely
  • Supplied with a grip closure
  • Sealed quickly and easily using a heat sealer
  • Suitable for dry products only
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Compostable Pouches

Digitally printed compostable paper stand up pouches. These freestanding pouches are made entirely from kraft paper and PLA, making them industrially compostable.

Our compostable stand up pouches are a greener way to display your products on retail shelves. They are made entirely from kraft paper and PLA and they proudly display the words I'M COMPOSTABLE across the top. PLA is a compostable monomer produced from fermented non-GMO corn starch and is biodegradable under industrial composting conditions. They are self-supporting pouches thanks to the round-bottom gusset that enables them to stand freely on retail shelves.

The pouches are printed with your design and then delivered to your door. You can fill them with your product, seal them with a heat sealer, then send them out to your customers or display them on a retail shelf. When the customer receives the pouch they tear off the permanent seal at the top to access the product inside. The pouch is then re-sealable using the grip closure which can be opened and closed hundreds of times.

PLEASE NOTE: If your intended contents are moist sensitive, we would not recommend choosing our compostable pouches. Please consider our normal Pouches if your intended contents are sensitive to moisture, or ask for a sample.

Our compostable pouches have the following benefits:

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • No setup or design fees

PLEASE NOTE: We are printing your artwork onto a pre-manufactured product on an uneven surface in full colour. This is a very difficult and challenging print process. We always try very hard to give you the best results, but there may be some slight imperfections or very slight colour variances. For best results, please avoid large areas of block colour as this can give inconsistent print quality. If you're unsure, we suggest that you order a single printed product before placing your full quantity order. No refunds will be given for personalised products with slight imperfections or colour variances.

Sizes Available

Width (mm) Height (mm) Gusset (mm)

Capacity (ml)









Please Note: Gusset is the name given to the depth of the base of the product. Capacity is shown in millilitres for information only. Compostable pouches are only suitable for dry products.

Technical Information

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colours.

Pantone® Colours
If Pantone® colours are used in your design we will use the CMYK Pantone® matching system to print your design using CMYK inks. Please note: There are many Pantone® colours that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours. If you use a Pantone® colour that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK colour available.


Brown Kraft Paper

Brown kraft paper 80g / PLA50.

PLA is a compostable monomer produced from fermented non GMO corn starch.

✅ Industrially Compostable

Product FAQs

What size pouches are available?
We offer a range of different sizes for compostable pouches. To see our full range of sizes, please click on the "Sizes" tab.
Can you print on both sides of a pouch?
Our compostable pouches are printed on one side as standard, but for an additional charge you can also print on the back. For this product, the print area is the same on both sides.
Do you offer plain (unprinted) pouches?
Yes, we offer both printed and unprinted (plain) compostable pouches. Simply follow our ordering process and choose the "Unprinted (plain)" option on the "Print" step.
See General FAQs
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